Microblading Permance Makeup is the leading academy in the United States of America for permanent makeup. Our academy teaches many techniques in eyebrow tattooing, from Microblading to Ombre, each one has its own natural and beautiful look.  Just like the clients that request them, more variety allows for many options, especially for your portfolio!

home-2We are sharing our secrets with our students that took us forever to perfect as we brought our knowledge of body art to the face! It is all about the technique of blending and shading, that has been the game changer, as the consumer longs for a more natural and realistic approach.

We also offer professional services like Microblading, Soft Ombre Eyebrow, Extreme Ombre Eyebrow, Ombre Microblading, Katie's Signature Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lip, Men & Woman Hairline Tattoo, and Eyelash Extension. Our team is qualified in beauty services as well as experienced in working with high quality products.

We look forward to welcoming you to our salon in Plainfield, IL. Get your daily perfection without a daily effort at Advance Microblading!